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My undies caused quite a stir at work recently after some ill-fitting hospital-issue scrubs decided not to co-operate with my thicc thighs, resulting in a minor wardrobe malfunction. It would have been easy for me to just run with my tail between my legs in shame as my fellow nurses pointed and laughed, but I've decided to face the issue head on. Not by fixing my pants or anything, but by leaning into my misfortune. And these undies let me do just that. Neither staff member nor patient is prepared for when I bend down or lean over in the line of duty to reveal "THIS IS A CONVERSATION STARTER" plastered right above my arse along with a flash of brilliant colours. Laughter has been replaced with compliments. Questions are being asked and important conversations are being had. And all the while I'm moving freely in the softest, most comfortable undies I've ever owned. I couldn't care less if my pants fell down completely now. Because if they do, at least I'll look good and everyone will have something to talk about.