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Are you prepared to take a walk on the Wildside? 

The release of our third collection is a massive occasion for the entire TradeMutt Team. It represents the culmination of a hell of a lot of hard work from a new and growing team who have been grinding away in the background doing all the work that no one else sees. But like people all around the world, we had to adapt to a new way of doing things and quickly realised how grateful we are to have the means by which to work remotely – something that’s not really possible when you’re a tradie. We are incredibly grateful to be able to bring this third collection to you, in a world where uncertainty has been the theme of the year. However, we also collectively exhale with relief as we take stock and reflect on what we have all accomplished as a team to make this happen in some really testing times. Between moving warehouses, expanding our team, building an office, launching a mental health support service and expanding our product line, all in the middle of a pandemic - it’s fair to say that it’s been a wild year. 

Looking back on our own journey, its been a wild ride and we are beyond proud to have established and grown a community that have come on the ride and made TradeMutt what it is. At Mutt Hutt HQ we now have an epic team of nine who are helping us take what we have started and grow TradeMutt into the world changing brand that we intended it to be. For us to do that, we need to double down on what it is we have done well right from the very start – making epic work shirts and apparel that stands so far out from the crowd that people have no choice but to start a conversation with you. To make that happen, we are embracing our own wild side and getting ridiculously creative with design, story-telling and artistic collaborations that will be sure to have tongues wagging.       

The Wildside collection is designed to help you embrace and unleash that little bit of wild within you that’s just itching to come out. In times where people understand the luxury of freedom more than ever, the Wild Side collection should be a reminder to take every opportunity you can and do the things that you wish you could do.  

There’s no time to be tame in TradeMutt.  

Embrace the Wildside.